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Newbie Here and Have Some Questions....
I have done ALOT of reading on how to build a terrarium and proper care for dart frogs and so on. I have a built a very nice 125 gallon terrarium that I am wanting to put frogs in. I am leaning towards dart frogs since they are active during the day. I was orignally wanting red eye tree frogs but from what I understand they are nocturnal.... thus no excitement during the day. I just wanted to get everyones opion on what dart frogs will grow to a decent size, be visible and active, and how many I can keep in the 125 gallon terrarium. Thanks in advance...
Some of the bigger frogs that are active and can be kept in more than a pair are Auratus and Leucs. I think Leucs are a little more bold but it can also be based on an individual frog as well. People say lots of hiding spots makes the frogs more bold.
tincs are pretty good sized darts
pictures of your setup?
Hi, I completely agree with you about the red-eyes. I have one myself and it doesn't budge from its bamboo leaf until 11pm or midnight every night and by then I'm usually too tired to watch it roam around. The poison darts frogs are much more interesting in my opinion as long as you can deal with the fruit flies.
i'd go with a colony of leucs. they are very outgoing and bold and can utilize both the floor space and the height of the tank as well, as they do climb some. the leucs also have a really nice trilling call to the males. They usually do well in groups and the colors of them against the plants in your viv will really bring the viv to life in my opinion. Aurutus are the same as well, only that some can be very shy, depends on the kind of auratus you choose. MY favorites are the leucs. Tincs could do well in a big tank, but they really could get stressed from tank mates and are best housed as a pair. kristy

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