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Terrestrial Riccia Moss
Just wanted to let everyone know that we have the terrestrial riccia in stock again, and orders started shipping today.
Scroll to the bottom of the page.

great...i'll probably be picking some up. picked some up the other day....but need more. hey....when will the creeping fig be back in stock? Anytime soon Cindy? I like the way it can creep along things, such as the back walls of the viv. Big Grin
Kristy, the riccia will be a little slow to establish, but once it does it will start to cover.
Which creeping fig are you interested, the 'regular', or the oak leaf?

yeah ive worked with riccia.....but i'm going to have a lot of tanks to set up soonSmile And i'm also redoing some tanks with drain valves instead of having to siphon......and some false bottoms etc. So I'm getting rid of the tanks i have now...for storage. like i said i am getting in mint terribillis pairs....e bassalleri pair...and p.vittatus trio all breeding now in addition to my surinams breeding that you see in my avatar....that's my actual surinams.....and my auratus blue and blacks....breeding...auratus green and bronze breeding....and a couple azureus i need more riccia and some creeping fig ...normal... i have worked with so far from pat.....but how is the oak creeping fig i think it is called? I liked how the normal i trained to go along the back of my tank and over some other parts.....but is the other kind better? thanks cindy. Love your site and dedication to it....very informativeBig Grin
Kristy, you have a PM.


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