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Just finished my new Viv
I just finished this, It is my first viv, and was wondering if I built it sufficent for two leucs? It is a 10 gallon

[Image: DSC00202.jpg]
That is def not a good tank for any PDF... There is way too much water space and not enough land .... I would say some mantellas would be nice in there but dont forget pdf's do not need that much water ..
I had read that the leucs like alot of water? is this wrong? If so I will have to make more land.
ok just to be safe I just cut the water section in more than half, And sloped it for more surface area. any advice will be greatly appreciated. Is there cover? I know leucs like to be out and about, do I need a cocohut?
froglet Wrote:I would say some mantellas would be nice in there but dont forget pdf's do not need that much water ..
Mantellas would drowned in an heartbeat in that tank. We have had mantellas drowned in less than an inch of water.
Luecs do like water, but they are not aquatic. Our breeder tank is a 20 gal and it has a water area that is 12" x 3" x about 2" deep, the rest of the tank is land.
If you put a coco hut in the tank, I'm sure the leucs would use it.
but do I have enough cover without a cocohut, and as Isai before I cut the water in more than half, should I raise the rock bottom to make it not as deep?
Once the plants grow in, you will probably have enough cover. The spotted plant in the back center will get tall and require frequent trimming. You might consider some creeping/vining plants to put towards the front of the tank in the 'bare' area. You might consider some leaf litter also.

How deep is the water?
there is only about an inch of water, twards the front I added stones for them to sit on in between the two land masses
That sounds like it should be ok.

Any updated pictures?

Here are some updated pics what do you think, it's only my first

[Image: DSC00204.jpg]

from the top

[Image: DSC00205.jpg]
That's MUCH better!

You've got a nice looking tank!
thanks, now I just have to find the leucs Big Grin
That tank looks really nice now...great job.

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