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Which Ultrasonic Humidifiers to use ?

Hello to all. I am new to the world of dart frogs and am running into a little bit of a problem with a tank design I am working on. I want to use the ultrasonic humidifiers but really have no clue as to what brands seem to be easiest to use. I have found several humidifiers but only one says its ultrasonic. Will any ol' humidifier work given that the thing is plumbed to the tank? Any tips or advice on this would make my day. I would also like to modify my green tree frog tank and my tegu tank to work on this system so that I save myself some misting time each day. Thank you for any help. Beau

I think the cheapest place to buy the humidifiers is online -eBay.

Hey thank you so much for the link to your site. It helped me alot and now I know how I need to go about setting up my stuff. Take care and thanks again. Chris

I got an Ultrasonic fogger from Lee Valley a while ago, and I would really like to use it, but, I've noticed that when I put my finger right over the ceramic disc, it really hurts! can this hurt my frogs?

YES this will hurt and probably kill your frogs. They should have provided you with some kind of cover for it. I have the esu ultrasonic fogger and they gave me a cage like attachment to prevent animals from touching the plate in the middle. Also note that these things really heat up the water to a dangerous level. Best if concealed in a water source not accessible to the frogs.


ok, Thanks! I will just build a wire cage to go over it Big Grin

sounds good. make sure you get something that wont rust.


I like the KAZ brand. It's a "human grade" product that sits on top of the viv, on the OUTSIDE of the tank.... ... c206096854

Whatever you do, do not use those "in-tank, bubbler type" circular foggers that sit in a dish of water. They are garbage and will overheat and kill your animals.

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Something to note, some brands of ultrasonic humidifiers are going digital. Digital types will not work with a timer.

Also, make sure the Ultrasonic Humidifier is of the COOL mist variety and not the Hot mist.

Most of the Ultrasonics are Cool Mist, but just be sure when you buy....

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This is for you Tony. You asked about the model and brand name of my Ultrasonics when you were over Yesterday.

Here they are.....check for em' on eBay.

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Thanks Phil,

Dont see any up on Ebay, I will find another model that will work Wink

Thanks for the awesome tour!

GrandmasterTree Wrote:Thanks Phil,

Dont see any up on Ebay, I will find another model that will work Wink

Thanks for the awesome tour!

If you come to. Romans this weekend I have an extra one...never been open for $25

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There's a small gathering in Philly this Sat - April 16th, Tony.....PM me if you would like to know more.

I could always pick up the KAZ unit and bring it to Hamburg on the 30th.

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How to Modify your Ultrasonic....

I LIKE the KAZ brand, because it had a "well" or "chimney" - where the fog started up and got pushed out that was exactly the size and diameter of a common plastic "reducer", which then had a nozzle-barb that was the perfect size to allow the black plastic aquarium tubing to fit over top of. No mods - no siliconing, no hard-modification, no cutting, sawing...nothing. The white PVC reducer (I keep calling it that for lack of better terminology - I'm no plumber) just fits snugly in that well.

When you buy your ultrasonic humidifier, take the whole kit and kaboodle to your local plumbing store and ask them to help you find the PVC reducer..and they will easily be able to assist you.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I posted this guide back in 2008 or something , it's really easy to set one up:

Humidifier needs to be ultrasonic cool mist with a 2 or 2 1/2 inch output hole

[Image: DSC00546.jpg]

Bring the humidifier to your local small hardware store and tell them what you're trying to do, those guys will usually get really excited to figure out how to reduce the hole to the size tubing you're using - you can also get the tubing from them to make sure all the stuff you get from them works. This is for 1/2" inside and 5/8" outside diameter tubing

[Image: DSC00549.jpg]

Clean and silicone together any parts that need it, let cure till there's no smell

[Image: DSC00554.jpg]

Testing out the fitting

[Image: DSC00563.jpg]

Attach tubing

[Image: DSC00574.jpg]

Connect tubing to outlet into the tank any way that's safe for the frogs, I'm just using a screen top here so I electrical taped the tubing so that it just aims down at the screen - just turned on you can see the mist running down the background and wood and gathering at the bottom

[Image: DSC00575.jpg]

After 2 minutes humidity is at 100%, either manually turn it off and on when you want or connect the plug to a timer - if you use a timer make sure to get one that has a minimum ON time of a minute (lots of timers can be on a minimum of 1/2 hour and that's way too long)

[Image: DSC00576.jpg]

Thanks Chris...gotta give you additonal props as this is probably one of the best picture threads for this ultrasonic fogger in the entire hobby forums.

One note....take your entire unit to the local plumbing / hardware store and let them find all the fittings and reducers for you - they love being helpful, seriously. My PVC reducer had a thread to it and the hose adapter part fit into it snugly - no silicone !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

I remember reading that article back in 2008!

Chris, are you still using that Humidifier for your frogs?


No I disconnected it when I put those frogs in a bigger tank and just started misting them all with a garden sprayer after I started adding more tanks and didn't feel like plumbing more outlets and humidifiers for them all, that humidifier I used after that as an actual humidifier for a while til it stopped working. It was more used because I only had one tank at the time and wasn't covering the screen top with anything because it had a drip wall going on which kept the humidity up, that went out the window in the winter too when the heat came on and had to put plastic on top of the screen.

Does anyone know the product number of this humidifier? I've searched all over and can't find it. Seems as though Kaz has bought Vicks and uses their products now. Nothing with a removable piece to put the reducer into.

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