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Heavy condensation. What can I do ?
I just put a glass aquarium top on my viv two days ago and the walls of the aquarium are so heavily covered in water doplets and fog one can barely see in, is this normal or would one say that I need more ventilation
I have glass tops and mine stay that way. I just took the plastic strip off the back and covered that place with screen and it cut down on the fogged glass and water droplets but it didn't take it away all together.
Frogs like high humidity so i would say its fine although you might want to open it up a little
I'm putting togther a vented lid this weekend and will post of pics that can help with this issue. If you have a solid lid with no venting you will get complete fogging pretty constantley. Are you using a Versa top?
I have an ExoTerra which came with the screen top; with the water/waterfall feature that I built in, plus the use of a ultrasonic fogger, my humidity lever is always at a good 90-95%. And the level of my water feature is maintained simply by lightly watering my plants every morning…the excess water drains to the water table. I’d just rather have a screen top.
if you want better viewing through the screen and dont want to build mesh screen etc try using a magnetic aquarium cleaner thats what i do
Some ventilation is a good thing (or at least circulation). Just getting to the point that you can see into the tank is not the husbandry goal, rather an aesthetic coincidence.
There are tons of ways to balance out too much condensation with viewing.
One way is to simply buy a thick piece of acrylic that fits the opening, and ad the screening via a hole saw and silicone. Start with one small hole , test for humidity. If there is not enough viewing , but plenty of humidity, cut another hole. Repeat.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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cant you use an algae magnet with a bit of rubber on it like a make shift windscreen wiper
the algae magnet idea is a pretty good one, as long as it wouldn't stress out the frogs too much. Just gotta be gentle.
I have two zoomeds with a fan blowing over the tops to keep the lights from heating up the tank. Just the airflow surrounding the tank and getting in through the gaps in the doors and such is enough to keep the condensation off the glass.

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