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SPRINGTAIL STARTER--source for noobs
Where can noobs find springtail cultures?
So funny because I just came on to list my springtail culture. I have a big size tupperware filled with over 300 i think of sprintails. Let me know if you are interested, I am selling it for $10 plus shipping.
#3 sells booming cultures and sells cultures as well. i wouldn't worry about feeding them colombella food as i feed mine bakers yeast and spray to activate and have been booming more since buying the cultures. They can be fed the yeast. unbaked pasta and so on. I then just drain off the water in the culture into my tank and the springtails will drain into the tank and also dont drain the whole culture so u can still have some left in the culture to culture some more. always keep like 1/2 inch of ro or distilled or spring water in the bottom of the after'll have to rewater it.

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