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Here are the pics I promised....... What do you all think? By the way I am 44 5 kids two grandchildren... 2 ex wives 1 new wife.......... This is the ten gallon tank with 12 frogs........ Frogs are sleeping but I will get pics as soon as they come out to eat.

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nice tank it looks bigger than a 10 where are the frogs i thought you had 12??? where are they all hiding

Not calling you a liar, but 12 frogs and not one shows up in a picture, hmmm. What do you think is going through everyones mind. Maybe he started this whole hybrid/12 frog post to see what kind of reaction he would get. Also, I am not so sure you have dart frogs, given that darts are diurnal and with 12 different frogs, I would bet that you have one bold species that would be out looking for food.

Keep digging your hole.

there looks like there are some frogs under the log. I don't know how many but there are some there......I think.....PHANTOM, what species of frogs do you have???

WOOO, i see an auratus under the log. Seems awfully barren for so many frogs. YOu should really put a few more hiding spots in for them. But yeah, why can we only see 1 in a population of 12 in a ten gallon?


Maybe they they burried themselves. No, wait, maybe they are hanging upside down from the lid (sleeping). Or maybe....

...there just isn't 12 frogs.

The frogs were hiding under the corkbark in the center of the tank and some were under the corkbark in the right hand side of pic number 2. The rest were on top of the plant on the right hand side of the pics. My camera sucks. Yes there were frogs in the middle bark that you saw......... again my camera sucks. As a reply to "mydumname"........... Yes I just set up a tank without frogs in it to see what reaction I would get because that is what I do. As to your other comment "Keep digging your hole".............You first. As to your comment "What do you think is going through everyones mind" Perhaps that my frogs were hiding out and not very hungry due to the fact I fed them a half hour before I took the pics with some of the thousand pinheads I ordered online. Relax dude they are only frogs. For the rest of you I have only been in the hobby for about a year. I went to my local pet store and just glanced at one in a tank and fell in love with the little things. I bought 7 assorted frogs on the spot and 5 more a month later............. To be honest I do not even know what kind of frogs they are....I am not that into it as some of you folks are. I know two of them are bumblebee frogs, two are strawberry frogs, two are blue frogs with black spots, two are yellow frogs with with black legs, two are just plain old dart frogs 1 with green patterns and 1 with a sort of blue patterns and are much bigger than the rest of them. The last two are gold frogs. The two strawberry frogs I just bought were caught in the wild and were still toxic when I bought them. So toxic in fact I bought two reed frogs the same day and found them both dead in my tank with both of there eyes exploded. Yuck. Live and learn I guess. At least the pet store owner gave me a refund because all of the reed frogs he was selling turned up dead the same day. I will take some pics of my frogs tomorrow and post them. Have a good night all! Big Grin

if you tell me you have two strawberry frogs (d. pumilio) mixed in that group of yours, I am just going to freak out. Get me some good pics of them and I will take them off your hands :wink:. Something as rare as pumilio, and EXPENSIVE should be given the best available. ARGHHHH

Since when do frogs get tired of eating and go to sleep?

Edit: Since they are dart frogs, add to that sentence....and go to sleep IN THE DAYTIME?

If this "guy" exists, and if his frogs exist, and if he is really this messed up , and if he just does not "get it", and, and , and ,and,
Larry.... Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock: !!!!!!

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476

Lose the's one thing to think it, but it's crossing the line when you get personal and start calling names. Like I was telling Rich earlier, it's unbelievable what people say online compared to what they would say in person!

JT3rry Wrote:Your tank looks sh*t, and there is no way u have 12 frogs. Theres not a single one in the picture. No wonder your wives divorced you, its cause your a dumbass. we don need this kind of BS

if i were you i would definitely do some more research on what frogs you have , weather they are communal or not, and all means put them in a better enclosure...IF they live to be subadults you will have lots of problems, and probably lose quite afew of them. If you get into this hobby do it right, dent half ass it, its bad for the animals. WE do this because we enjoy creating realistic SAFE housing , along with the love of these little guys, thats why we are so disagreeable with your setup. PLZ do more research and get them in a correct size tank at least. 2 adult frogs will live in a 10 gal. for most species. SO needless to say...12 frogs OF ANY KIND in my opinion is way to crowded. for 12 frogs, id say at least a 60 gal tank. But chances are some of those frogs aren't communal, and you will have territorial losses in the future. Think of the animals man..your just going to kill them.


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