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Temperature and Humidity for Dart Frogs ?
What should the temperature be ? And the humidity level for your dart frog viv ?
Most Dart frogs like temps between 60F and 80F degrees.

Humidity needs to be above 70%, but it can vary some. For instance, I have a fan that runs for a couple of hours each day. While it is running the humidity in the viv drops to lower than 70% in some areas, but then it raises again after the fan stops. It is not necessary to have humidity above 90% all of the time.
I can't seem to get my humidity above 81%. Is that ok ?
What kind of gauge are you using?
Most of the analog gauges are not very accurate.

If you are getting condensation on the glass then your humidity is very high. Do you have any kind of water feature or standing water?
Quote:If you are getting condensation on the glass then your humidity is very high.

This is an indication of a difference in temperature between the inside of the tank and the outside world.

Keep in mind that the probe on most gauges only records the temperature. You will have to stick the entire unit in the tank to get humidity. - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!
I have a running waterfall. I do have analog gauges. I will be buying a digital one sometime in the next 2 weeks.
The temperature should be 70 to 85 degrees and as long as your humidity is 80% or higher you should be okay.
Temperature should be in the mid 70F and humidity should be about 70% to 90%
0.0.5 C. azureiventris
I would think temperature in mid seventies (70's).

80% being borderline, but 90% humidity would be optimal.....kristy :wink:
Good thread.

Some of my Winter "offseason" humidity levels were as low as @ 65% in the vivs. Sounds shocking, but it worked fine to give some of the species a nice dry "offseason" and a welcome break from breeding.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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