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River/Waterfall system

Hi. I'm new to this forum and dart frogs(actually, I dont even have the frogs yet....) I'm currently setting up a 20 gallon long vivarium and was wondering how to setup a River/Waterfall system without having to have a false bottom tank. I've searched everywhere and couldn't find anything that was going to help in constructing a River/Waterfall system.... If someone could help me with information on how to setup a River/Waterfall system it would be very appreciated.

I just set up a 20g viv with a river and water fall. I didn't use a complete false bottom. I usually get some old plastic juice containers and cut them in half. I put these under the gravel I am using. This allows me to have to put in less rock and I can increase the total amount of water in the system which I believe helps keep the system more clean. For the water fall I buy a small pump and use a old round plastic butter container. I cut holes in the side of the container for water to come into. Make sure you have enough holes to keep up with the water flow of the pump. Some of your holes will get clogged with stuff so make more then you need. I then cut a whole in the lid of the container for hose to come out with the water. There are several ways to make a water way but I have used clay and made a river bed then had them fired. A little more work but I think it is worth the effort. Make sure you plant so fast growing plants like elephant ears, these plants are great at exporting waste from the tank. As they grow you just clip the leaves off.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck,


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