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Getting new frogs.
what is the worse thing that can be wrong with a new frog other then it having worms? And if it has worms can all of them be treated with meds.
there are plenty worse things than worms....yes it is treatable and curable......dr.frye can run fecals on the darts before putting them in your viv.....but remember one clean fecal doesn't always mean it is clean. you'll have to send in a couple as parasites can shed at different intervals...parasites also treatable. You should really contact dr.frye for questions on this. is his email...he can run fecals for any group of darts you acquire group fecal is 18.00 i believe plus overnight or two day shipping but he is out wednesdays. highly reccomend him as a dart specialist and can also answer alot of your questions.....some things that aren't good...coccidi(treatable for the life of the dart, but i could be wrong but believe it to be uncurable) , dart tuberculosis......usually as i have read requires the dart to be euthanized....death being the worst that could happen to a dart of course. I am no expert and dr.frye can answer these questions more thoroughly. He is the specialist and very good at what he does. chytrid is also not a good thing, but once again, contact dr.frye...he is really prompt at answering emails and a great dart specialist-vet.

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