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2.2 probable 15+ months old leucs price reduced
Currently, i am a little overstocked on leucs, so i am keeping some and selling the ones i have left to offer:
2.2 leucs standard banded and spotted morph. i am very sure it is a 2.2 colony. males call in the early morning, nice pleasant trilling calls. very fat and healthy.shipping to your area.
300.00 for the colony
will need zip to get you a quote
shipping is fedex overnight by 10:30 am only
please, serious inquiries only.
line: villegas, sean stewarts, and pat nabors.

you can email me at for any additional info.
references...u can email me for some, or i have good vendor ratings in the vendor rating section you can take a peek at. Thanks for looking!kristy
That's a great price on adult frogs! I wish I was ready for them! I'll need frogs come late Sept. or early October, depending on how long it takes to set up the tank. I'm still debating what kind to get. I know that the leucs are good for beginners, but I've read that the azureus are okay, as long as there is only a pair in the tank. The blues are so beautiful!

leucs are a good beginner price and that was too good a price, but i wanted them to go to an experienced dart home. they have been spoken for. sorrySad I would think a pair of azureus(sexed) would be also a greeat first dart. they are hardy, bold and prolific breeders. they were my very first darts. kristySmile
Thanks for the advice. I probably will end up going for the blues. So you are saying that it is smarter (or safer) to get a sexed pair, rather than a group and grow them up? I was leaning that way. One more question for you... They do have the blue ones in a local pet store that specializes in exotic animals. I know that I would save the money on shipping, but I'm wary of buying from a pet store. On the other hand, I am on a tight budget, so it is tempting. They are not really any cheaper ($50), it is just the shipping that I would save. Then again, I would have to buy a group and grow them up. Do you know any breeders in Central New York? (Syracuse, Rochester, Watertown area)
Thanks for your help.
i strongly disagree that you should buy any darts from a petsore. I highly recommend a sexed pair of azureus from they are 250.00 plus 40.00 shipping overnight i believe. he is a great guy to deal with.
Tnanks for the advice. I will stay away from the pet store frogs! That is what I thought.

You dont really have to not buy from pet store.
Just use common sense. If they WC imported dart frogs I would skip it.
But if you can find a pet store that carries CB darts and cares for them properly then it really is not a bad thing.

My local pet store only carries CB darts and have then in the proper set up ( complete with false bottom/ plants/ springtails the whole nine yards) and no mixing. They only carry one type at a time.

Just use some common sense and you will be ok .
The ones at the pet store here are CB, but they are quite young. They have a bunch of them all together, probably a dozen or more! They are all blues, but some are bigger than others. I've decided to go with an adult pair instead of young ones anyway. Thanks for the input.


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