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giant aloe plants for sale or trade

I recently repotted my giant aloe plant and i have 6 large (approx. 12"-16") offsping plants ready to go. This is GIANT aloe. The mother plant, from which my plant came from 4 years ago, is over 3 feet tall!!!! It blooms when mature and my parent plant is a little over 2 feet tall (and it takes 2 people to lift the pot). This plant is great for sunburns. It works much better than small aloe. Here is a link to a photo and description of the same species: ... t_Count=12

I can list photos, at request, of the mother plant and the offspring.

I will gladly consider trades (plants, darts, cork) or purchase is fine too.
These plants retail for $29.00 but I will make a deal for much less.

thanks for your consideration, ~Lauren

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