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Partial fundraiser for TWI----custom dart frog oil paintings
Hi fellow froggers,

I am an experienced artist and I create lifelike, impressionistic and geometric oil paintings.
I am offering to do custom paintings for any frogger who would like their frog, or any frog or amphibian/reptile, made into a beautiful oil painting. As a favor to us all, I am donating 25% of the profits from each individual sale to Tree Walkers International, and I will provide you with an internet receipt for each donation I make. Please let me know which of the aforementioned styles you would like for your painting to be as well.

Pricing is straightforward and based on the cost of the canvas, paint and labor involved, as follows:

5" × 5" $30.00
8" × 10" $40.00
11" × 14" $45.00
12" × 16" $60.00
14" X 18" $65.00
12" X 24" $70.00
16" × 20" $80.00
18" × 24" $95.00
20" X 24" $100.00
22" × 28" $115.00
24" × 30" $130.00
24" × 36" $145.00
24" X 48" $160.00
30" × 40" $160.00
36" X 48" $225.00

If you wish to have a painting larger than these, please send me a PM so I can work out pricing for you.
Shipping prices will be in addition to the prices above and worked out on an individual basis based on the shipper you prefer (and choice of shipping insurance if your painting is valued over $100).

If you would like to see a sample of my work before purchasing, send me a PM with your email and I can send it as an attachment to your email address---I will be ready with my next piece in a week from the date of this post.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you can join me in helping out our frogs!
I am very interested in having a painting done...I think it is a wonderful idea. It is awesome of you as well to donate 25% to TWI. PM sent Big Grin
susan i also oil paint...mostly realistic instead of impressionism.....can u send me a sample to my email

i was just about to start il painting my darts but they are in quarantine processes and vivs being built and seeded as we speak.

i have an excellent photo of one of my cobalts i'd love to have painted. oil painting is another expensive hobbyWink i havent been able to get around to it but seeing as you are doing it for a good cause....i'd be very interested. kristySmile

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