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Where in Prineville, OH can I get Dart Frogs ?

Ok, I live in Prineville, OR and I do not know where to get Dart Frogs. Does anyone know where I can get them, and what species would be good to start out with ? Pictures would be helpful. Thanks in advance


There are many on line vendors to choose from, just do a google search. has a lot of goog info and pics.


Well I am about to construct my Vivarium and was wondering if a 20 gal long will be a good enough tank? and what are the matirials I will be needing to construct and how do I keep the water where I want it please explane with detales if possible and if you have a site explaning it that would be alot of help to thanks!!

Here is just one of SEVERAL how-to's on vivarium construction. There are many different ways to create a vivarium, but this site shows the populate "false-bottom" construction. I'm from the NW so I am a little bias showing you this site but please feel free to browse the internet for other ideas....


E. anthonyi, D. imitator, C. azureiventris, D. amazonicus, D. lamasi (pan & pan gl), P. aurotaenia, D. variabilis, D. quinquevittatus, D. reticulatus, D. matecho, D. pumilio cauchero & escudos

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