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Tadpoles wanted
Hello. Does anyone have any tadpoles available at the moment? I'm looking to get my hands on some tinc tadpoles, but if you have anything else, that may work as well.


why tads?
I get that a lot, but for some reason I really enjoy watching them go through the whole development stages. Also, I am a Master's student and I got an NSF grant which requires me to teach 6th Biology and one of my sections I must teach is amphibian reproduction and development. I thought I could bring in some tads and do some labs where they can look at them under microscopes and watch the whole process where colors develop and then the little froglets form. I understand it is kind of dumb to purchase tads, first of all since they don't always ship that well, secondly because I have a few tads already from my cobalts, but this is just a way to reach out to my students and get them exciting in science.
Ha, I am a shark scientist (I make shark repellents: you may have seen me on sharkweek, so I am also bringing in shark eggs to demonstrate shark development.

if you want email me at and i can maybe help you

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