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Slate tiles?
I am about to put together my first Vivarium. I want to make sure I am planning everything out ahead of time because I hate starting over. I have a 12 gallon nano cube left over from a saltwater aquarium project that I will be using. It has been stripped down of all the internal guts and is just a tank now. I want to add a waterfall feature that I have seen in some of the construction threads here using slate jutting from the background so that the water trickles down. I have some dark slate tiles leftover from a bathroom project and want to make sure these are ok to use. I was going to break some of them up to get some interesting pieces. Are these ok to use and if so do I need to do anything to them before adding them? Thanks
I've heard of people using them before for water features. What they did was put them in a burlap sack to break them up. Also, you might try to dull the edges, they can be quite sharp when broken. One more thing, you might reconsider the water feature, a 12g is kind of small for one.
Scott Bryant
I always use a hammer and chisel myself.
Thanks / Ron

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