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Looking For: Green/bronze auratus

I am looking for 3 green/bronze auratus to add to my collection. I'd prefer local pick-up so if you're located in Oregon(Eugene/Salem/Portland and surrounding areas)/Washington (Seattle-ish area) please let me know!

I'm not picky about whether or not they are sexed either Smile.


^^ Bump Smile.

i have 4 green and bronze auratus that are for sale... although i live in upstate new york... i am willing to ship. I have one female and 3 males... and i would prefer to sell them as a breeding group since they have laid eggs. please let me know if you are interested.

How much would you be charging for them (plus shipping)?

Edit: I don't really have room for one guy I have is a known male so I really only have room for 2-3. What I've really been trying to nab is a known female...

I know you said you didn't want to split them up or anything but let me know what you think.

well i can sell you the male female pair for 160 plus shipping since they have laid before. what is your zipcode? shipping is normally about 25 bucks overnight



Edit: Do you have any pics of them available? My email is if you'd rather email than post.

it would be 25 dollars shipping plus 160... so 185 for the pair. here they are

[Image: froggies013.jpg] the male
[Image: froggies011.jpg]
[Image: froggies009.jpg]the female
[Image: froggies002.jpg]

Those are Ancon Hill, or six point.
This is a green and bronze.

[Image: DSCN4392-1.jpg]

unfortunately, those are not green and bronze auratus. they are either hawaiian, ancon hills, or i think what they call 6 spot auratus, but some even generalize them into black and greens. mislabeling wouldnt be good for the hobby as interbreeding is strongly opposed. kristy


absolutely correct, and i dint mean to sound harsh about it, but with conservation in mind, we need to be able to concretely identify our darts. cindy, thats a great pic of a green and bronze, just like ones i owned before i sold my previous small collection. i think you beat me to the post. lol kristy

I agree, those are definitely Anon's and not the green/bronze Smile.

Thanks for trying to help me out with a female though Smile.

oh.. im sorry i mixed them up lol. i might have a female for you that looks similar to that. my cousin id breeding darts as well and i could see what she has.

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