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Dartfrog Depot looking for part time help!
As some of you know I run Dartfrog Depot on the side and have a pretty time intensive day job marketing women's cancer tests around the globe.

So I have decided to look for someone to help out keeping the frog collection up to speed. This is a great opportunity for someone local to get experience with frog husbandry, access to frogs for an academic pursuit if appropriate and to make a few bucks while you are at it.

The job entails:
1. care of insect cultures
2. tank breakdown/cleaning/setup
3. feeding, egg collection/care, tadpole care, etc
4. vivarium construction/design
5. plant care

The good news: this is a paid opportunity!
The bad news: despite the business doing well the bank is still taking all the profits!

What that means is that specifics around pay and hours will be on a case by case basis depending on what you do, when you are available to do it and what the needs of the business are.

I am looking for someone with the following:

1. Your own transportation (I am in Bethesda, MD just north of DC within walking distance of the Metro red line)
2. Interest in PDF's!!!
3. Someone who hopefully would like to continue to work with us long term (please only inquire if you are serious and not if you are going to show up once!)
4. TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE!!! (we are going to count on you to be on time and do things correctly!)
5. References appreciated (but not required)

Please contact me at if you are interested.


Chris Dulany
Dartfrog Depot

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