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Dart Frogs
An ad in my local classifieds has this for sale:
Dart frogs and complete setup for sale
Price: $200.00
Complete Poison Dart frog setup for sale.
3 Auratus, a year and half in age, I believe it's two females and 1 male but I'm not certain. As well as well planted 20 gal long tank, lid, clamp lights, Calcium and Vitamin supplements, both nearly full and flightless fruit fly cultures. I'll even toss in a sparay bottle, coffee filters, yeast, all the stuff you need to make more fly cultures if you need it.
I'm forced to sell them because I'm leaving the country in a few months.
All eating well, healthy and quite out going, usually out for most of the day, unlike some Auratus.
Is this a reasonable price? Are dart frogs good for a newbie up to this point that has only had fish aquariums?
Before deciding if you want the frogs I would do some extensive reading on this forum. See if you really want to take it on. In some ways the dart frogs are easier than fish. This big thing with the frogs is you have to keep fruit fly cultures going constantly to feed them. There is no dart food chow in a jar!!! Personally I think they are easier than fish because you don't have all the hassles with filters. I would find out what kind of lid the tank has. You don't want a fish tank type lid. You want all glass or mostly glass with a little ventilation. Fruit flies can get out of very tiny holes! The price doesn't sound like a bad deal though. I spent more setting up my 20g long tank, and that is without frogs! Good luck! Fran
Thanks for taking the time to post back, you input is appreciated.
I agree with Fran, do your 'homework'.
That 'seems' to be a good price, but would it be worth it if you decided the frogs are not for you?

There are a lot of opportunities that you will miss by acquiring a pre-made set up with adult frogs
Thankyou for the input, I have decided to pass on it. I think I would like to get a bare tank and build it up from scratch and take it from there.
good idea. then you get the experience of making your own little habitat. also do a little reading about each plant you get. don't just run into a plant store and get cool looking stuff, most of it will die, every thing needs different soil types (well not everything, we don't have that much dirt on this planet, lol) goodluck

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