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Need 10 Gallon Viv construction ideas...

Ok so im trying to set up a regular 10 gallon tank. for 2 or more D. leucomelas but i really cant think of a good setup right now to last for at least a few months while i get the big tank ready. If you can post a pic of your 10 gallon tank and give me ideas that would be great

or maybe a couple D. auratus

Heres a 10 gallon tank, for a single leuc. (Don't have the frog yet)

full tank shot from above.

[Image: tankpics1011.jpg]


[Image: tankpics1007.jpg]


[Image: tankpics1008.jpg]

thank you that helps a lot actually

dont want to bust a bubble but a good rule of thumb is one dart per ten gallons unless froglets/juvies, but once adult i would say a twent gallon tall minimum. kristy Smile

I keep 2 in here.
[Image: NewpicJuly08014.jpg]
[Image: NewpicJuly08011.jpg]

Dean what is the name of the plant you have growing on your driftwood in your tank? Is that a type of moss?

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