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Cleaning Plants?
Does anyone know the best way to clean plants before adding them to the vivs. I am trying to find a way to sanitize the plants in case they have harmful bacteria or pesticides (if bought from stores).

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated! 8)
I usually remove as much of the potting mix they come in, as possible.
Then submerge them in some room temp water with a 5% bleach solution and soak them for an hour or so, drain rinse, then soak them again in fresh water with aquarium dechlorinator added for another hour, rinse then use.
Keep in mind that not all plants will survive the bleach soaking.
Absolute best way is to buy plants that are free of pesticides to begin with... *grin*

Next best way is to grow them out yourself for a month or two. Otherwise, Cindy's method is going to be a good bet. It is hard on mosses and some ferns though.
Why yes, I do have orchids you could grow in a vivarium... *grin* (orchids!)
sounds scary.i dont know if id trust myself with the bleach method
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