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weird splitting slate for a waterfall and found fossil look!

[Image: Picture131.jpg] what is it

looks like a seashell to me, because of the umbo, and it looks like it has ridges. Very cool though


How exactly do you go about splitting the slate. I've wanted to do the same thing for my 29g I'm putting together.

i stand it up on its side and put a flathead screwdriver on it and hit it with a hammer!

Thanks! I'll have to try that.....or better yet maybe I could convince my better half to try it! LOL :lol:

very cool, I have quite a bit of slate laying around not in use. How thick was it before you split it?

it was about 3 inches thick and no dartfrog i will get my frogs on tuesday

Be careful when using slate or shale or any rock types similar, they tend to break to form very sharp edges, which could be harmful to the frogs, as they have very thin skin, and i can say we dont want our frogs climbing up and slip and slice themselves open, i've used it before , you just have to hit the edges with sandpaper or something to dull them so they wont act like razors. Just something to think about when using it, Not to deter you from using it it does work great as long as you take the proper precaution when using it.


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