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T-5 lighting for the tank and a Mist King kit - lets discuss
This is a 2 part system of lighting and misting:

Alright I am wanting to get a new tank going here soon and need to start the planning process.

I plan on keeping plants, orchids, bonsai tree and bromiliads and perhaps some other various small plants.

Now I would really like to use a T-5 light because you are able to use so many different color combination bulbs, they are very efficient, put out a lot of high quality light and stay pretty cool.

so to me it seems like this is a perfect match for a viviarium.

Does anyone have any experience with a T-5 light unit?

here is a decent unit... ... ucts_id=68

Is this in any way shape or form a bad idea to use on a Vivivarium?

The dimensions on the tank are going to be 24x24x20 roughly.

would I need some type of computer style fan sucking any air out to keep good ventilation?

part 2:

Misting systems.

I want to automate this system as much as possible and well, a misting set up is a great choice for that.

I am thinking of putting two nozzles in the tank, spread out evenly against the top back of the wall.

I am only familar with Mist King, they seem kind of pricey.

Does anyone know of any other high quality Misting system that only utilizes a 2 nozzle system?


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