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Can you keep a Juniper Bonsai Tree in a PDF Vivarium?
Are you able to keep a Juniper bonsai Tree In a Poison Dart Frog setup with a T-5 lighting kit and a Mist kit?

I will have orchids, bromiliads and various plants in there as well.
Some are telling me the Juniper bonsais cant sustain in the climate and others are telling me the PDF respirtory system will be affected by the aroma the juniper puts off.

Any real evidence to eitehr of these?
Of the 67 known species , which were you interested in placeing in-viv?
Doing work (67 known species.. hint) for you...along with those on Dendro sayin no ...
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Probably not Sad The whole idea of bonsai is keeping them stunted, placing in a viv would make the conifer grow all year round with sappy needles, they really need to be kept as cold as possible (but not in freezing temps) the light would also need to be daylight intensity, and I'm sure the frogs wouln't be too keen on that.
Hope this helps Smile
If you want a bonsai tree that will thrive in a frogtank perhaps try a small ficus benjamini and keep it trimmed

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