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Are these Dart Frog eggs ?

there are two clups of clear slime on my log/waterfall just on the water line. there are about 100 little dots in this clear slime and my larges frog tends to stay very close to them are thease eggs or something else the black spots are very small.

Soundsl like they could be eggs to me, what kind of frogs are they that you think may have layed them?

three blue and blak auratus in 30 gal tank.

I don't think 100 eggs from auratus is possible.

Maybe your seeing a 100 eyes, is 50 possible? Can you get a pic?

tried to take a pick but they are so small they hardly show up with my camera

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Looks like a snail egg mass? Do you have any snails in there...Just my .02

I second a guess of snail eggs.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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yes should i get them out or not will that be to many snails. dont even know how i got them

50 eggs, from auratus?

50 eggs for auratus is way too many. However I have gotten 16 eggs from a pair of WC green/bronze auratus, when feeding termites. Every single egg hatched, and morphed.

they look like snail eggs to me, on average Auratus lay 6 eggs, but im sure WC specimens could possibly lay more as they have a diverse food supply, Auratus eggs have an easily visual 1/8th inch black center, so those definitely aren't Auratus eggs.

How often do you feed those WC G/B Auratus termites? i've heard they are very fattening and should be used as a regular food source.


where do you get termites.

Termites are easy to get ahold of, least where i am, my parent have 100 acres of woods, so they aren't in short supply. you can usually get them from fallen logs, just tear them apart and collect, but there wont be termites in the logs always , sometimes there are those damn carpenter ants.


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