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How long does GE1 100% silicone take to cure ?
I just finished my background( GE1 100% silicone) and eco-earth for my background and I was wondering how long it takes to cure before I put animals and plants in it. Thanks
C'mon, 25 views and nothing ? I need to know fast people.
It usually takes a couple of days, but would depend on how warm the room is and how thick you applied it. If there is no smell and it is dry, you should be able to start planting. Fran
I had called GE a few months back and they told me that it takes at least 24 hrs to cure, it is also completely off-gassed by then too.
I would wait at least 2-3 days to be safe. If may be thick in some areas.

I would say also 2-3 days. But a trick..........use a small fan to blow air on it will cure it faster but use your nose as well if it still smells not cured no smell cured.
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