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Frogs Dying

Hi I am new to this group. My boyfriend has some mantellas and had 2 dart frogs. Both Dart frogs died in the same manner. They were fine for about 2 weeks after we got them then they got a slimmy looking growth on thier nose and died within a couple days. The growth almost looked like a wet scab or something. The mantellas are still doing great and don't seem to be affected by whatever killed the dart frogs. Can someone please help me out on what it may have been. He really wants some dart forgs but so far both haven't lasted more then 2 weeks after we bought them. Any information would be greatful. Thank You.

sounds too me like they injured their noses while jumping or something,a nd possibly got infected. In humid vivariums, bacterial infection sets in very quickly. If he gets more, make sure the vivarium is well planted and they have lots of hiding spots. Also, cover 3 out of the 4 sides with some sort of background. This should keep them from hopping at the glass,


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