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A few of my 10g tank pics

this is my daughters cage for green anoles(pair).she named them flo and ramone obviously! i made a spot for a water feature , but dont think i will fill it.they drink from the broms anyway. i will be putting them in a bigger tank soon (20g high)
[Image: anolecage.jpg]

and here is my brothers spider cage(Grammostola rosea) i wanted to get a pic of it sprawled out on the brom but it looks like its tending to an eggsack.its fliping it but i had it out the other day and it was fairly hard
[Image: spidercage.jpg]

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

ohh! and my name is aaron!

I love the skull!

Nice Tanks

I like the skull, will be cool to see these once they fill in a bit. very cool.

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