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Best Dart Frog to start with ?

What is the best frog to start with? I am thinking of starting with d. auratus in a group of like 5 or 6, in a 75 gallon enclosure. what do all of you with more experience than I think about that?

Go big or go home.

I think you will have some very happy frogs if they have 75g to play in. In your other post, you mentioned auratus or leucs. Either would do great in a group.

Just getting my 2nd post in to allow to ask question. I will introduce myself there.

75 gallon sounds great! Just make sure you're good to go--that's going to be rather pricey.

Tincs are also a good first run.

2nd post as well--thanks!


Some frogs.

Hi i am scotty bradley and am new to the site. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

very glad to see that a newbie to the hobby is thinking of a nice 75 gallon instead of a 5 gallon .. good job

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