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here is the latest on my custom viv:)

well it looks done. here is the lates on my custom viv with water feature and drip wall as well as a mistking system. enjoy. kristySmile
Big Grin Big Grin[Image: 008-2.jpg]

Very lovely. Was the tank custom built for you? What size is that tank? Front opening or top?

Who will go in there?

lookin good!

'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'

ohh! and my name is aaron!

thanks guys. the hardscape was custom made. chris from dart frog depot made it for me, i just put substrate, plants, and the frogs of course. It houses a 2.3 group of orange lamasi from czech imports. Its front opening 18 cube exo. appreciate the compliments! hard to get the ambition for these things with my ehad buried in school books lately but it was worth it. the plants are from spring valley tropicals. Antone always does a great job with his plants. kristySmile

I was wondering if that was this tank. I seem to recall Chris posting a build and breaking of a tank? Was that the one he was making for you?

yep that would be the one. his face was priceless in the pics. makes a huge difference planted huh? He replaced it. Huge accident and booboo he made lol. I think he had a far better chance of it breaking it in the mail. But it arrived fine. I wish all my vivs could look like this, but I'd be incredibly in debt and it'd take forever to complete. Good centerpiece for the living area though. good practice as well. I havent spent this much time on any vivs. Its was fun though. kristySmile

How are you illuminating it? Are you using an exo fixture or something else? Did Chris make any mods to the doors?

I have a dual lighted exo hood on top. It really hasnt failed me. the first half has a glass piece with misting nozzles for the misting system chris put in. the last half had a glass piece that i keep off and just keep the screen since it is so darn humid. its at 90% with it off right now. the doors were pretty tight around the hindges so chris didnt need to fruit fly proof it. and the vents below them have a fruit fly proof strip in them. works like a charm. kristySmile

Your tank looks beautiful Kristy!!!


thanks so much fran, kristy Big Grin

beautiful viv, Kristy!


thanks, i appreiate it. I have since finished 5 others since. it sure got me motivated to get some things finished around here. and its enjoyable. I appreciate the compliment.


Very nice!

thanks guys i appreciate it.

Very cool vivarium! I am new to the forum- name is Al, from northern illinois. new to frogging and vivariums. Not to derail your thread but I would like to know how much it would cost to get a custom vivarium built. I dont see many places to get them- im assuming you guys normally build them yourself?

Fear No Fish

that one was a pretty penny. chris from made it and you will have to contact him for a quote. its easier to make them yourselves and of course takes practice. welcome to the hobby Al. I have built 5 more vivs besides that one since it was finsihed. the plants in that one came to about 150.00. i got most from antone at springvalleytropicals. vivs do not have to be that done up, they just need to provide the frogs some shelter, comfortability, and also act as a biological filter in the soil etc. thanks for the compliment.

Looks awesome!

thanks a bunch. plants are doing well. frogs are breeding.


For the mistking setup, you need a 5/8" glass drill bit right? (for the value nozzles)

what other size drill bit would be good to get?

I would like one to put in drains... from what I have read it seems like the smallest bulkhead I can find needs a 1 1/4" bit
( ... d-Fittings or ... gs-Economy)

Is that what I should be using or should I get a larger one?
( ... 16147.html)

What do you do for drains, bulkhead or no?

(I have 1/4 and 1/2" spade bits).

I want to get a couple glass bits at once to save on shipping
Best place I have found so far is:
http://www.diamond-drill-bit-and-tool.c ... ll-Bit.htm

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