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Research and development phase
Hello! I just started to build a vivarium and was deciding on the species of darts i wanted. I am new to this and am looking forward to engineering my vivarium and getting started. I have read through this forum for a few days now and many questions I have had were answered. My question is about using treated wood in the design? I want to know is the treated wood going to put toxins if exposed to high humidity and/or running water? Looking forward to any replies.

P.S. I am still checking out what species of Dart to go with. So i am open to some advise.
First when in doubt, simply avoid it. If you are not 100% sure about the wood then find a different solution. (what type of wood and how has it been treated (with what?)?)

As for type of Dart Frogs that is a tough choice but if these are your first it is best to go with a type that is considered great for starters.

I chose 2 types when I first got started less than a year ago.
3 - D. Azureus (This is a great choice as they are very pretty and not real shy as they love to come out to see what is going on and eagerly eat)
3 - D. Auratus - (This is a great choice also as they are usually cheaper and very brightly colored but they are shy compared to the Azureus which is a minor draw back when you are trying to show them off)

One thing I have found that really seems to get them all excited is when I feed them Regular or Golden D. Hydei Fruit Flies and do the shake'n'bake with the calcium powder. It is like giant ghost flies seem to really get the frogs excited into jumping around for a meal.

Good Luck.
Thank You,
When you say "treated" do you mean wolmanized? If so, this wood (vast majority , unless special ordered) has a poison in it to help kill bugs. Not something I would consider using at all. Anywhere near my frogs or frog food.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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