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The perfect frog for me ?
I am looking for the perfect frog for my set up. I am converting a 100 gallon salt water aquarium into a terrarium. This is my first terrarium, but i have had Chinese water dragons and other critters, so i have some husbandry experience. I know this is a large enclosure and it is going to take a lot of frogs. There are quite a few threads about some species not getting along in groups. I really like the color and size of some of the tincs, but from what I have read they don't work well in larger groups. I would like to get some suggestions on the species to get and the number of frogs to start with. I know every species has different requirements and level of experience to be able to raise and keep them healthy. Leucs and vittatus are supposed to work well in groups, but I would like to look at some other species that may work and wont cause me to go into bankruptcy to acquire them. I would appreciate any input that I can get on this. Troy
Well Luecs are probably a good choice for a larger tank, they are more bold and will utilize all most all of your tank. They have a beautiful call, inexpensive(great starter frogs), and they look great also.
You might also check into terribilis as well. Large, easy to care for (if they don't eat you out of house and home), and come in a few different flavors.
Scott Bryant
Thanks for the input. If anyone else has some suggestions I would still welcome them. How many i should start with for that size of a tank? Five or six and let them multiply or get a larger quantity to begin with?
The Leucs and Terribilis mentioned would have been my suggestion until I owned a pair of super blue auratus. I am pleasently surprised at how these guys are out and about more than my leucs and they can be housed in groups larger than a pair. I only have a pair because that is all I could afford at the time of purchase. Now I am jobless so my pair will stay a pair.

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