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Viv Pond Plant Package $15.00 shipped

Lately I have noticed people asking about plants to keep their pond water from going stagnant. This package is the answer. Includes:
*floating plants* 2 teaspoons of duckweed, 2" of Anacharis, 5 Frogbit plants, 3 stems of Aluminum plant (cannot be fully submerged...does best if planted along the edge of water), and 1 sm. Anubia (type depends on availablility, plant submerged or partially submerged). I have maybe 10 of these packages available. Shipping is included, but heatpack is not. Heatpacks are $2.00. I plan to ship the week of March 9th due to my spring break being that week. I accept check, money order, or PayPal at

[Image: terrariumpondplants027.jpg]

[Image: terrariumpondplants010.jpg]

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