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My Viv light is tripping my circuit breaker !

Well I ordered my light its a Aqualight Coralife Compact Fluorescent 36" 6700k 96 watts. If I have my TV and Computer on in my room and turn the light on it trips the circuit breaker. But when I have the TV and COMP off it works fine. How can I fix this ?

I tried a surge protector also...

you need to plug it into a plug which is on another breaker.

I have to let the electronic ballast heat up then turn everything on :-) It draws so much power.

Compact lighting IMO is a little over board considering it's made for corals in reef setups.

Not an electrician so I can't help on the circuit bit but I would be worried about the amount of heat produced by that light fixture in terms of your setup.


Use an extension cord to different plug on a different circuit.

just make sure its rated for that fixture.

or its probably on a 15 amp circuit, could replace w/ 20amp, but i would talk to electrician about it,(sometimes not good for appliances to be on 20 when meant for 15) keep comp/TV on surge protector though.

You would be surprised how easy it ease to switch out a breaker, cheap too...

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