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Looking for Isopods and BB cultures
wtb isopod CULTURES AND BEAN WEEVIL CULTURES booming cultures preferred, i am looking for both the dwarf white isopods and the spanish reds.

email me at thanksSmile
what about spanish fly? boost your breeding rate lol
think, it aint illegal yet
lol no thanks just isopods. what the heck is a spanish fly? i am looking to seed my vivs more and they are great janitors. kristy
The Spanish fly is the emerald-green blister beetle, in Latin Cantharis vesicatoria or Lytta vesicatoria which is found in the southern parts of Europe. The body of the Spanish Fly is usually 15-22 mm long and 5-8 mm wide with a strong smell and a burning taste. The dried and crushed body of the Spanish Fly beetle was earlier used medically as a irritant and diuretic, but was also regarded as a potent aphrodisiac.Origins: The legend that Spanish fly (or cantharides, a substance made from dried beetle remains) is a powerful aphrodisiac has been around for hundreds of years

I was joking... saw spanish reds... feeder bugs.. it was a natural joke progression
think, it aint illegal yet
i dont believe i will ever see them in my house lol

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