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Just starting out - Tank and Light questions
I have a 20 gallon long aquarium that I will be using to house my dart frogs. I am uncertain of which species I should go with just yet, but I am open to all suggestions. I now understand that keeping one species per tank is important to the overall success of the frogs. I would like to know how many frogs would be comfortable in the size tank I have. I was thinking maybe 3 but I thought I would see what the consensus is here first. The species I am considering is D. galactonotus (red). Any opinions on these frogs...or any other?

Also, could you please tell me what type of light is sufficient for the tropical plants in the vivarium. I don't know much about that sort of thing. If a link could be provided, that would be great! I saw a link somewhere else that suggested this. ... 528&sr=8-3
#2 ... rid/126301

Or is this maybe a better light to use?
yes that second light is great, T-5 is what you want. They are good fluorescent lights, good for bromeliads and are fairly energy efficient. They also dont produce an unmanageable amount of heat, allowing you to control the temp without sacrificing good lighting.
good luck!
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I would stick to a light with a color temperature reading of aroun 6500K. If you read the description of a fixture/bulb it should tell you the color temperature. Anywhere from 5000-7500K is usually a safe bet.
I think three is a safe bet for a 20 gallon long.
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Is it ok to use hot glue gun in vivarium?
Zipo Wrote:Is it ok to use hot glue gun in vivarium?

Yep. I would use it sparingly though. Like a "dab" to hold a tilly on some wood.

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