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Breeding vs. quality of life

Does breeding the frogs so much shorten their life expectancy? It seems to be the majority of the froggers goals to breed their frogs. Why is this? I have one pair of frogs that I would love to have offspring from but simply because I want to have 2 more frogs in their tank. I feel that would be a nice way to obtain 2 more so I can have a better chance at seeing the little buggers every now and then.

After hearing how many tadpoles a forum member has from her terribilis, I am praying I have all one sex. I would not know what to do with 90+ froglets.


The way I see it is if you had 90 froglets thats at least 90 more people that will enjoy them. Plus if you sell a few it helps pay for supplies. I know this is a bad example but it is kind of like a drug addict selling drugs to support his habit. But that is just my opinion......Scotty Bradley Tongue

Yes I can definately understand that view. I am grateful for all the people who do breed and sell their frogs because without them, I would not have my frogs.

Is breeding the frogs healthier than say having a tank of males only or females only? I have a 120g with 3 female azureus and a juv. that is taking more of a female shape that will be going in there once she is big enough. I had a male but my friend wanted to breed her azureus so I let her take him because I was not interested in breeding them. I am just wondering if it is better (healthier) for the frogs to have a male to go through the natural breeding process with even if I cull the eggs or if a tank of females will be just fine without the whole male calling, courting behavior.


I am pretty sure rich or cindy will have the best answer for you on that topic.............Scotty

I am pretty sure if you put one male in for the three females you will have a big mess on your hands. Female azureus do not like to share anything. :wink: ..........Scotty

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