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Good Plants for Pumilio?
I wont be getting the frogs right now but I am wanting to plan out a viv for a pumilio morph. I know they raise their tads in bromeliads but what size species of bromeliads would be ideal for their breeding and raising of the tads? I saw some bromeliads at the hardware store that I doubt any size of a tad could fit in but I could be wrong. I had read on a British site that Vriesea splendens bromeliads are suppose to be good but have not found them sold on an American site so far. Other then the bromeliads would all other plants would just be decoration and hiding places?

Any other tips for a pumilio viv would be appreciated. I am also trying to find literature or someone to talk to about the differences between the various pumilio morphs so I know if I need to do something different depending on the morph and what the differences are. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.
Hi I have had almirante pumilio for a while now. I have two fifty five gallons with each pair. I use orchids, ferns, bromeliads, peperomis pardon my spelling. I am having trouble with the bromeliads which i was told by rich i prolly would since there is not enough ventilation for them. I use a lot of film canisters instead of replacing the bromeliads every other month. And i also use riccia, and java moss. You can check out black jungle or brooklyn darts for the plants and brianstropicals has pretty good deals on the moss! There are many nice terrarium plants out there! Just check out the sites! I myself love orchids and ferns. I am also experimenting with other sort of plants in the dryer part of my terrariums where my mist system does not soak them everyday. Hope this helps............Scotty
I have also heard that aquabid is a great site to check out. Check this site before you make a decision on moss!
Thanks Scotty,

I bought a couple epiphytic vines from Black Jungle and have a couple other plants that I have gotten from Petco. I have some resurrection ferns on order and planning on getting some orchids sometime. Most of the bromeliads I found either don't say how big they get or they sound like they will take the majority of the room in my tanks. I found moss on ebay but the woman selling it said she's in the middle of testing how well the half dozen types of moss she sells do in terrariums and will let me know. I should have some good ventalation in the tanks with screen tops while keeping the humidity up (moving to Louisiana has another good point). I have 2 different Exo Terra tanks (18"x18"x24" and 24"x18"x24") and still trying to decide which one I want to set up for O. Pumilio and which I want to put D. Auratus, P. Vittatus, or D. Leucomelas. I was going to use the smaller of the two for Pumilio but I read on that the Pumilio do better in tanks no bigger than 20g though somewhere else said bigger tanks are better. I'm guessing it's just preferences and depends on how well the tank is set up.
I am not downing black jungle but the pics are far from what you will be getting in the mail. I got some that were so small they were smaller than a pen cap! They make the pics look way bigger than what you will be receiving! And by the way, I have found that pumilio (at least mine) lay eggs in the oddest of places. They will lay eggs in the smallest bromeliad you have in the tank! I took Rich's advice and went with film canisters. I put them on the highest leaves of my orchids and its working out pretty well. If you are gonna use plants from your local stores make sure you rinse them plenty! Be careful though because i got some bromeliads from a local store and they got so big I had to take them out! If you need film canisters check eBay out that's where i got mine. I also use petri dishes under the coco huts. I went to a fabric store and got some suction cups and netting and made a second story type viv. Only in the corners though. I was told that i could put two pairs of pumilio in one fifty five gallon from a very reputable breeder. Don't do it! They are very territorial. I also use porcelain leaves with suction cups for the pumilio to transport the tads to. Hope this helps. Scotty :wink:
Yeah, I have noticed that already with Black Jungle. But they have some plants that I didn't see in other places.

Thank you, I have read to wash store bought plants really well. It is due to not knowing if they had poisons or anything sprayed on them I think. I also have an organic pet safe disinfectant that I was thinking about using to clean them as well.

What kind of orchids do you use? I haven't seen sizes on most orchids in stores or online though I haven't tried going to a nursery yet. I'm trying not to get something that will get so big that I would have to replant much of my viv. With a 24" tall tank I'm sure there are a lot of plants I can use. I am planning on making different levels to my vivs but hadn't thought of using netting.

Are all pumilio territorial or is it primarily between males fighting or females eating the other females eggs?
Just go to a nursery and ask questions. Just tell them what you are looking for. They know (or at least should know) how big they will get. Tell them what you will be using the plant for. Ask if they are treated with fertilizer or pesticides. As for the pumilio I only have experience with one pumilio. Oophaga pumilio are all aggressive and the males will fight even in the biggest of terrariums. If I were you I would study the forums. Most of the time every question you have has been answered already. I enjoy reading through the forums to learn what mistakes have already been made so that I may be able to prevent it from happening to me! It may take a long time to read them all but it is worth it. After reading all of them you kind of get a hint as to who you want to take advice from, and who has no idea what they are talking about..........................Scotty

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