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Looking for Dart Frogs in Wisconsin
HI, I live in wisconsin and I am looking for some Dart frogs. Does any body know where I can buy some at a pet store or is there a breeder in Wisconsin ? Thanks everybody.
Long live Frogs
Hi im in wyoming but have b/b auratus and have cobalt tinctorious adults. I also have fully planted tanks
I am still in the process in making my tank. Do you think you could post some pics of your tanks and frogs ? I am trying to get a job so I have to wait a while before i get my frogs. Thanks.
Long live Frogs
if you look on the thread under this one there is some pictures. its titled frogs and tanks must go...if you need plants or wood for your terrarium i am selling that too
cool i do need some plants and drift wood can u list some prices of the wood and the plants i might buy but i am still thinking what frogs i should buy thankes
Long live Frogs
I can sell you all of my bromeliads and other plants for 100 shipped (theres like 18 plants) and the driftwood and mopanit wood and all other wood lol for 38 shipped
I"m not sure if your still looking for frogs but if your interested i have two panamanian turquoise/bronze auratus i'd sell for $40. They were captive bred and morphed out in Dec 08 so there about 6months old. I'm from SE MN just on the other side of the river. I can also get you pictures if youd like, just shoot me an email at"> if your interested


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