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Phoenix Reptile Expo June 18-19 2005

Does anyone know anything about this show. First time I actually plan on going just to see what i can pick up over there. I hear its moving to Mesa Arizona so I was jus wondering what it was all about and if its even worth driving 2-4 hours. If anybody has been to this show do you know if by any chance they may be selling dart frogs? My girl friend and I are planning on building the tank for some of these guys in June.

EDIT*- Sorry I didn't realize till 20 minutes after I posted this topic there is an announcement page. Next time ill put topics like this on there.

They really dont have very many pdf there at all. I went to the one about two three months ago and AZDR was there and two other venders that had a few frogs but that is it. If AZDR doesnt show up then It would not be worth going at all. But I would see if you could go to there place and look at there frogs now that would be worth the drive. Their email is They are really great people. One other this they have get togethers every other month. Hope this helps.

Do they have a wide range of other reptiles there?

Mostly snakes you will find geckos and tortoises.

I live in arizona and went to the retile show it was today and yesterday. Havent heard of one in June, but I do know there is a frog day on March 18th in mesa. Not sure if you have heard of it. AZDR had it posted on their web site. Its all about frogs, from what I understand. If you go to it has a link. Amanda will be at this show, she was also at the reptile show. She is very informative and has helped us out a lot.

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