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Which Fruit Flies are used to start a new culture ?

Ok so i am a noob and want to make sure i can keep the culture going before i get my frogs. I bought an advance culture so flies, larva tiny larva and some dried ones which look like sesame seeds so im guessing that they are like catterpillas and cacoon before turning into flies? So my questions is

What flies do i use to feed and what flies do i use to start new cultures do i take all the big flies out now and feed them and then use any flies hatchd after that for new cultures? Im confused as to what flies are used for what. ?

you have a few options ... one is to make media as shown in this article


you can buy media like the below;js ... oductId=37

Once you run out, I would go to for future fruit fly purchases. They sell fruit fly culturing kits that have everything you need plus 1 live culture to get you started. They also have great customer service.

Its best to make new cultures with the first flies that emerge. They seem to produce more in the long run

How do you seperate the old ones from the new ones? How long does it take from larva stage to fly?

I'm new too PDF's too and I started my culture of fruit flies 2 weeks ago. I just dumped them all in and gave them 3 days before slowly feeding them off. I noticed lots of little larva and I still have flies to feed.

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