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Tads and Tincs for sale
School is about to start back and my "frogging" time is going to be cut down considerably. I would like to sell these guys off before I go back to work. Tads are 2 weeks to two months in the water and froglets range from 1 month to 4 months OOW. I ship tads the same as I ship frogs (UPS overnight air). There will be a $10.00 box and cold pack fee. PM me for shipping quote. I accept PayPal. Tads and/or froglets are not sold until payment is received.

I have the following tads for $10.00 ea or 10 for $80.00:

65 Citronella (parents have dots, but offspring are 50% no dots)
50 Azureus (parents are small spot and dad is sky blue)
20 Patricia
20 Cobalts
10 Powder
10 Leucs

I also have the following froglets that must go:

Cobalts - $30.00 ea or 4 for $100.00
Citronella (dots) - 4 for $100.00
Citronella (no-dots) - $35.00 ea or 4 for $120.00
Powder Blue (blue leg) - $35.00 ea or 4 for $120.00

Pics are of parents:

[Image: frogs043.jpg]
[Image: frogsday3001.jpg]
[Image: various035.jpg]
[Image: frogsday3027.jpg]
[Image: frogsexingpics003.jpg]
All Cit tads are sold.
I'm very interested but was wondering if and what you may still have available for sale?
Everything is sold.
if you get more cits, let me know!! thanks!
1.1.5 D. Azureus
0.0.5 D. Intermedius
Was Wondering If Your Could Update Me When you Get Some More Tads In Thx. Josh you can email me at

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