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First Setup, Custom 12g Vert.
Hey all this is my first time dipping into the realm of PDF's. I have an extensive history with other herps and exotic fish, so I'm very used to the demands of exotic animals. I have been doing my research for around a month now and In a few day I should be getting 2 Dendrobates Auratas "Reticulated".. Nothing special I know but hey. In a few months I plan on keeping some very special frogs. For now I must learn the wayss.

So today I got on setting up there home. Its a custom vertically orientated 12g(Made by myself).

I have planed a raised fake floor, trickle fall, small pond and a DIY background orientated vertically.

Here is my progress so far. Tomorrow I will patch the parts that did not grab any peat moss(what I covered the Greatstuff in) I will also set the pipes for the fountain pump.. and once that's done its ready. I have made a custom acrylic lid for it.

here it is.
[Image: 100_5681.jpg]

Thanks for viewing,
Looks like your off to a good start. Just as a suggestion for both you and the frogs, auratus' tend to be much more of a terrestrial (ground dwelling) frog than an arboreal frog and would appreciate much more floor space than vertical climbing space. A tank that is vertically oriented, such as yours is probably not the best suited for the species of frog you have chosen. Also bare in mind that 10-12 gallons isn't a large space to begin with, so after all the backgrounds and stuff are put in it seriously restricts the amount of usable space for the frog. Since you already have it, I would recommend using this tank as a practice set up and plant it, which will help you learn the growing habits of any plants you plan on using but put your auratus in a larger tank with more ground space. You can then use this tank for a thumbnail frog like imitators in the future when you have had a little experience. Good luck and happy frogging!
Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,
Yeah I have already practiced with the plants. I decided to scrap this actually and I have bought a 15g to put the frogs in. Its going to be setup for there needs with much more ground space.

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