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How to feed and some other ?

Ok folks... here's what I'm planning

I am planning on a 10g setup with a kit from Black Jungle Supply. I am planning on getting one or two D. azurues (haven't decided) froglets.

I was wondering how exactly do you feed the frogs, what do you feed them and how do you go about doing this ?

What other things should I know about maintaining a good environment for them - temp/ humid etc ? These questions would all be based on me getting the d. azureus (the blue ones).



First of all, I would go ahead and get the things that you want from BJ and not get a kit. Mainly there is some things in it that you really don't need.

You feed them Fruit Flys and look on BJ's site and it will show you what to do.

Temp - mid 70's
humidtity - 80-100%
Look around on the internet you should be able to find info

You can also feed springtails, look in to some of the calcium supplements as well.


If you choose a good breeder they will provide you with all the information you need and will provide you with superior specimens. I can't stress the importance of quality specimens enough. There is a big learning curve with dart frog keeping and the best way to learn is by reading. The more you know the more success you will have. There are some great breeders recommended in the forum. Best of Luck!

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