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Anyone from San Jose CA selling Dart Frogs?
Hey guys i was wondering if anyone here is from San Jose California that is selling frogs because i been looking around craigslist and i cant find people around this area that has some.
I have orange lamasi froglets in San Francisco for pick up.
Frog Day is going to be in Fremont in May. Some of us from So. Cal usually come up with frogs, and of coarse the guy who puts it on is a "Somebody" in the frog world. Here's the link.
I will probably be there along with Eric Melolepsy, Jon Garrett and Jason O'neal. It's guaranteed to be a good time!
Ranitomeya, Oophaga, Ameerega, Adelphobates, Epipedobates,
Keep your eyes open. I just picked up 4 Azures that were 5 mos out of the water up in San Jose. He posted it on Craigslist but this was around Christmas.

I live in Brentwood but until I can sex mine which is in the Summer, I won't know for sure if I will be parting with them.

Just set up an enclosure so the plants all grow in and pick some up at Frog Day. I'm gonna go.
4 Denbrobates Azureus

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