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Need advice on how to clean an old tank.
I just got a 100 gallon tank from my uncle and he used to use it for fish. It's empty now but there is a lot of cleaning I need to do.

I wanted to know what I should use to clean it out so I can set it up for my darts.
4 Denbrobates Azureus
How long has it been completely dry and what are you trying to clean out of it?
Probably best to use a bleach/water mix and razor blade the glass.
I use bleach water & vinegar to use anything having to do with my plants or frogs. You can use just bleach & water, but it requires waaay more bleach to do it that way than if you add vinegar to the mix.

I just kind of feel out how many parts of each, but if I had to guess what I do I'd say, 7-10 water, 3 bleach, 1-3 vinegar.

I can tell you that this combo works fantastic for cleaning tanks, and because it lets you go lighter on the bleach, it's not such a pain to do.

Hope that helps you!
I have hade salt water tanks for a few years and have used moradic acid from lowes just mix with a littel water if any. And the old crust just falls off.
Do Not mix bleach and vinegar...creates Chlorine gas. You can use a bleach/water solution first. Then rinse that out, let dry then use vinegar later once the tank is free of bleach to clean the glass and get rid of calcium deposits.

Best of Luck

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