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4 Highland Bronze Auratus
I have 4 that need to go. will sell for 50 each or trade. Looking for riccia, and rare brums and dwarf orchids. michael
I am interested. Would you happen to have any pics and can you give me some info on them? I have some Ancon Hill auratus and a Proven Male Leuc I would be willing to trade.
Im not sure about who line they are as I recieved them in a trade. They are between 3 and 4 months old. Im having trouble posting a pick but I can email you a pic if interested. Im not looking to trade for any auratus, tincs, leucs or anything as Im cutting back on the larger frogs. Im overrun with them. Michael
okay. My Email is
I am still interested...
Where are you located? I can only ship when the weather is right on both ends. Shipping would be roughly 50 bucks so let me know something as I have them posted everywhere. Michael
Before I make the definate decision I would like some pictures and some info on them. Email me everything. I think it would be easier on both ends.

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