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Time before you can introduce frog to new tank?
I have an approximate 7 month old male Azureus. This past week my husband and I built a 20 gallon tank using Great Stuff foam, added brown GE Silicone, and then covered with Tropical Soil containing coco fiber to it. yesterday we finished up the last parts of silicone and soil, added forest moss of my substate, added the old plants that we in his last setup, waited a few hours and then introduced our healthy active Azureus to the tank. Immediately after introducing him to the tank he explored, ate a few flies, then climbed the glass and hung out at the top of the tank near the light for MANY hours, which is not normal for him. This morning when I got up he was off the glass and onto a piece of Mopani wood that we built into the tank..then he went into his cocohut into seclusion. After being in seclusion for a while and knowing that is not his normal behavior, I put him back into his past tank and now is active again.

What I need to know is how long do it need to wait to introduce him into the new tank as we also have a newly acquired female tinc to put in there as well. How long does it take for that silicone smell to go away? I am not sure if his hiding was due to silicone smell, temp of the tank which is unknown, or simply because this was a change of tanks. We are fairly new this hobby.
Input would be greatly appreciated!
I have five vivariums at home and also build them for a local pet store. I've never had any problems with putting a frog in a new viv within a day of its completion. The frogs do have to acclimate to their new tank by exploring and then picking their new favorite sheltering spot. I've never lost a frog by moving it to a new viv. A frog may act a little different until it gets used to it's new home. I figure the only way to acclimate the tank is for frogs to start the ecosystem going by eating and eliminating in the environment.

As far as silicone, I now use the new GE version that has only a 3 hour dry time. I find that the smell is gone within a day or two at the most.
Surinam Cobalts, Green & Bronze Auratus, Azureus, Leucs, Variabilis & Azureiventris
good info, very helpful was wondering this myself

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