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Where can I get tanks like dmartin72's ?


Ive just joined the forum, because I'm getting back into the hobby after being out for about 5 years! I moved to the states from England and had to leave my frogs there and just have'nt managed to get back into the hobby/addiction until recently. I was looking at dmartin72's ppersonal gallary and I'm wondering where he got the tanks from? I theink his setup is awsome and would love to get my hands on some of the tanks he has for my frog room (which is currently being renovated)

If any one knows where I can order these tanks I would be gratefull for the info! or if dmartin72 built these from scratch i would love to get some plans for them!

I'm pretty sure that quite a few of his tanks are the cubes made by Paul at David can correct me if I am wrong. Paul is an awesome guy and makes amazing tanks. Check out his site.


Thanks Luke, I'll check out the site and let you know what I found Smile

Sorry i should have waited to post after i visited Paul's site :oops:
your right luke it's gr8! thanks for the link


I have 6 more coming!

Wow David, I really thought that you ran out of room in your bedroom...guess you just won't have a place to sleep anymore Wink


I'm moving soon to a 2 BR place for Natalia and I. These will replace some standard 10's.


Did the guy at FCA make all your cages? They look nice, what is a ballpark price of one of those?


He built the 6 x 15" cubes for a little more than $100 each shipped and he also did the 4 x 10 gallon inserts for $40 plus shipping. I am getting 6 more cubes soon.

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