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Which frogs for visuall impared kids?
New here and trying to get some feedback from those that actually have these frogs.
I have two visually impared boys that have been working towards their frog tank for over a year. We finally have it all built up. It is a 55gal with awesome background. We have a waterfall and lots of climbing things.
We have done lots of checking on care sheets and have come up with two finalists.
Golden Terribilis - These are large and brightly colored. Would be easier to spot in tank and do well in groups. Will accept larger food items that we already produce.
Yellow galactonotus - Bold and brightly colored. Will also do well in groups and are more active in using all climbing devices in tank.
What we need is more info on actual activities of these frogs.
I have heard that the terribilis are pretty lazy other than at feeding times and really stay on the ground mostly, however we already have crickets, isopods and such that would be great to feed. Galactonotus are a little smaller but more physicall. Could they take pinheads and do they come out most of the time? Anything you all could tell us about these particular frogs would be most appreciated.
2 frogs natural soap habitat
I'd go with the terrebillis...they have an awesome call...
Brian T. Sexton
Coqui is a good choice if they want to stay up all night.
Those two are good choices but I think one of the best beginner frogs are Leucomelas. They are more forgiving and given the chance and environment, they will climb. they are also bolder so you will see them more.

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